Today I Learned

Flipper support in react-native with custom iOS schemes

Usage of flipper debugger with react-native it is nowadays standard. However sometimes it can cause problems.

When you are configuring schemes in XCode schemes for production, staging and development your names of build configurations might be Dev.Debug, Dev.Release, Staging.Debug, Staging.Release, Debug, Release.

After making scheme configuration you should add newly created schemes tou your Podfile

project 'somefancyapp',
        'Dev.Debug' => :debug,
        'Dev.Release' => :release,
        'Staging.Debug' => :debug,
        'Staging.Release' => :release,
        'Debug' => :debug,
        'Release' => :release

During build time you might get error like this

Undefined symbol: _OBJC_CLASS_$_FlipperClient

If this is your case please add following to your pod file

  use_flipper!('Flipper' => '0.76.0', configurations: ['Debug', 'Dev.Debug', 'Staging.Debug'])

It tells XCode to use react-native-flipper package only in debug builds :tada