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Backup and Restore Firebase Firestore data

If you want to backup or restore data from firebase firestore, you have to:

1. Create a new bucket on Google Cloud Console
On “Location Type” step, You can only use United States regions options, Europe options not working for imports/exports, so I recommend using Multi-region with US option selected

2. Setup gcloud via Cloud Shell
using command:

gcloud config set project YOUR_PROJECT_NAME

3.1 Export firestore data using same Cloud Shell and command:
gcloud alpha firestore export gs://YOUR_BUCKET_NAME

3.2. Import firestore data using same Cloud Shell:

Firstly, you probably want to change to another project than this, which You’ve backed up previously, don’t you?:

gcloud config set project YOUR_ANOTHER_PROJECT_NAME

Then you can import data by using this command:

gcloud alpha firestore import gs://YOUR_BUCKET_NAME/FOLDER_NAME (folder which was created inside a selected bucket during export function, always named as a date e.g. 

If you have any errors during import, most probably there is a problem with roles for default google service account. The fastest way to add required role is by using the command below:

gsutil iam ch \